“The Flow” – Fall 2015 issue of the PADEMP Newsletter now available. Every few months we hope to bring you stories about the delta, profiles of the people that make the delta home, results from those that are studying the area, and other news and views related to the delta. PADEMP newsletter issue #2 (2015)… Read more »

The third annual PADEMP Forum was held at the ACFN Youth-Elder Centre in Fort Chipewyan February 10-11th, 2015. The Forum was entitled “E-mamawi-nipawiyahk – We are all standing together”, to reflect our collective role in caring for the delta. Approximately 50 people attended the Forum to share information and perspectives, identify elements of a Vision… Read more »

Over two days in February, 2014, about 60 participants attended the second annual PADEMP Forum in Ft. Chipewyan. The agenda of the Forum was shaped by events and information that emerged over the course of the year since the first Forum was held, including the Obed Mine tailing pond spill, the Site C Joint Review… Read more »

This report shows how sediment coring was used to establish baseline river metal concentrations in the delta. Metal concentrations in sediments deposited between 1700-1916 in lakes influenced by the Athabasca River were compared to river bottom surface sediments (which would be recently deposited). The authors conclude that, to date, there is little to no evidence… Read more »

Dr. Spyros Beltaos is one of Canada’s leading experts on river ice processes. His recent report examines a long-standing question: is the delta drying trend (observed since construction of the W.A. C. Bennett Dam) due to flow regulation by the dam or due to climate? He concludes that both play a big role, but that… Read more »

A report published in 2013 identified a trend toward increasing levels of mercury in gull and tern eggs collected from Mamawi Lake and Lake Athabasca. This suggests that mercury levels could be increasing in the delta area. Additional research is being undertaken to better understand the source, levels and trends of mercury in the area…. Read more »

Scientists and traditional knowledge holders gathered in Fort Chipewyan on Nov.6-7, 2012 for “Making Connections: Ecological Monitoring in the Peace-Athabasca Delta”, a forum hosted by the Peace-Athabasca Delta Ecological Monitoring Program (PADEMP). “It was a great opportunity for all the parties involved with ecological monitoring in the Peace-Athabasca Delta to collaborate, communicate and share information… Read more »