Peace-Athabasca Delta Ecological Monitoring Program (PADEMP)


To determine:

  1. The trend in relative abundance of muskrats within the Peace-Athabasca Delta over time
  2. Whether there is a difference in muskrat abundance between basins receiving water from the Athabasca and Birch Rivers
  3. Whether there is a difference in water quality between productive and unproductive basins
  4. How long it takes for muskrats to re-establish after average to above-average snowfall years, or after flood events


Muskrat push-ups and houses are counted and measured within 15 basins.  At each basin, habitat measurements (snow depth, ice thickness, water depth, physical water quality parameters) are recorded and water quality samples are taken.


Fifteen basins within the Birch and Athabasca deltas. The selection included representative basins in Wood Buffalo National Park, Alberta, and Athabasca Chipewyan First Nation Reserve lands.


The first survey occurred in February of 2012. Surveys will be conducted annually.

Project Lead:

Rhona Kindopp
Wood Buffalo National Park
Box 750
Fort Smith, NT X0E 0P0

Phone: 867-872-7932
E-mail: rhona.kindopp@pc.gc.ca